About Concept Agri-Tek

Trey Curtis

“It is my pleasure to welcome you to Concept Agri-Tek. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and customer service in the industry. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of Concept Agri-Tek I personally want to know about it. Please feel free to call or email our offices and ask for me directly.”
Owner and President


To deliver innovative concepts utilizing the latest technologies in agronomy, biology, and chemistry, to enhance soil and plant health.


We are a leading source of innovative fertility concepts in agriculture. The Concept Agri-Tek Soil and Plant Nutrition Program is revolutionizing farming by bringing new technology to commercial agriculture fertilizers. Our goal at Concept Agri-Tek is to bring new and innovative soil and plant health options to your farm.

What Our Products Do

Our products increase the health of your soil and plants which in turn increases our customers’ bottom line.

How We Do This

We use state of the art soil testing software to make precise, customized fertilizer recommendations for each grower. This is why getting your soil tested is so important, and the first step you need to take to design the perfect solution for your soil.

Once your soil test is complete, we use our exclusive soil health products to revive soils and get the natural microbial activity started to release tied-up nutrients.

Finally, using our customized plant nutrition solution, we feed the plant to help it achieve its maximum yield. In the end, our customers achieve their goals while increasing their soil health for future crops.

How Our Products Are Different

Not all fertilizer products are equal. This is why at Concept Agri-Tek, product QUALITY is our number one priority and we combine those high quality products with new and unique technologies so you see results in the field.

Concept Agri-Tek’s biologicals are designed to mimic nature’s way of nutrient cycling. We utilize beneficial soil bacteria and fungi to release “tied-up” nutrients in the soil as well as, decompose crop residue into organic matter and available nutrients.

The Importance of Soil Microbes

The soil is alive! Below our feet, billions of tiny microbes are constantly changing organic material into usable forms of nutrients. The more biologically active a soil becomes, the more nutrients are made available to the crop. A healthy, biologically active field should contain more than 10,000,000 bacteria per gram of soil.

Problem: Conventional fertilizers such as anhydrous ammonia, MAP, DAP, and potash are all widely used to enhance crop growth. These fertilizers deplete soil microbes due to high salt contents and harsh chemical makeups. Without beneficial soil microbes the nutrients in these fertilizers are not made available to the crop.

Solution: Concept Agri-Tek’s Soil and Plant Nutrition Program uses a combination of conventional fertilizers, Concept Agri-Tek fertilizers and Concept Agri-Tek biological and microbial products to increase soil microbial activity allowing for more efficient fertilizer uptake as well as increased nutrient mineralization in the soil.

Healthy soil leads to improved tilth, water retention, water percolation, soil oxygen, and reduced runoff. Healthy soils increase a crop’s resistance to disease, drought, excessive rainfall, and insect pests, while maximizing the potential for growth and yield.

Microbes are immeasurably important and essential to both soils and plants.